Discussion Slides

Discussion of The Emerging Greenium, Boyuan Li, Baolian Wang, and Jiawei Yu, Midwest Finance Association, 9 March 2024

Discussion of The Stock Market Valuation of Corporate Social Responsibility, Jinyoung Kim, Northern Finance Association, 9 September 2023

Discussion of Disentangling the Effect of Financial Inclusion on Household Well-Being, Nandini Gupta and Ashish K. Sedai Northern Finance Association, 8 September 2023

Discussion of The Shifting Finance of Electricity Generation, Aleksandar Andonov and Joshua D. Rauh, 34th Mitsui Finance Symposium: Venture Capital and Private Equity, 10 June 2023

Discussion of ESG Tilts, Luboš Pástor, Robert F. Stambaugh, and Lucian A. Taylor, University of Houston Conference on Energy Finance and the Energy Transition, 19 May 2023

Discussion of The Rising Tide Lifts Some Interest Rates: Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Loan Pricing by Ricardo Correa, Ai He, Christoph Herpfer, and Ugur Lel, RCFS Winter Conference, 19 February 2023

Discussion of Carbon Emissions and the Bank-Lending Channel by Marcin Kacperczyk and José-Luis Peydró, EFA, 27 August 2022

Discussion of Silent Activism by Tanja Kirmse, FMA Europe, 12 July 2022

Discussion of Incentives of Fund Managers and Precautionary Fire Sales by Abhishek Bhardwaj, Kose John, and Saptarshi Mukherjee, SFS Cavalcade NA, 24 May 2022

Discussion of How Does Hedge Fund Activism Reengineer Corporate Culture? by Pil-Seng Lee, FMA, 21 October 2021

Discussion of Mutual funds' strategic voting on environmental and social issues (ES Votes that Matter) by Roni Michaely, Guillem Ordonez-Calafi, and Silvina Rubio, FMA, 20 October 2021

Discussion of Employee Representation and the Risk of Corporate Pension Plans by Nicola Heusel, MFA, 20 March 2021

Discussion of The Perils of Private Provision of Public Goods by Umit G. Gurun, Jordan Nickerson, David H. Solomon, WFA, 21 June 2020

Discussion of Institutional Money Manager Mutual Funds by William Beggs, MFA, 3 March 2018